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Austria Sights

Austria is a relatively small country. It is possible to cross it by car from north to south in a couple of hours. We are talking about today’s Austrian Republic; however, once the Austrian Empire controlled almost half of Europe. Vienna was the European center in the literal and figurative senses. Well, times have changed, and the greatness is longer measured in territory. Austria’s rich history has left magnificent monuments: castles, palaces, churches, parks, museums and more. The empire was very rich and the Austrian royal court was immersed in luxury. This historic heritage can be best admired in Vienna, but there is plenty to see in other cities as well – Salzburg, Linz, Innsbruck and others have a lot to offer to visitors. By the way, all the places in the western part of Austria can be reached easiest by flying to Munich rather than to Vienna. From Munich one can go on day trips by car or train to the nearby Austrian sights. If you want to visit Vienna, we recommend at least a two-day trip from Munich. In winter, many tourists fly to Munich as a transfer point to the famous Tyrolean ski resorts. There are two options: one can either spend a night in Munich and spend some time enjoying attractions in the city, or rent a car at the airport to and drive south to the Alps right away. Most Tyrolean resorts are within a two-hour drive.


Swarovski Crystal Worlds


The Swarovski Crystal Worlds (Kristallwelten) is a very interesting and unusual museum. One can even combine the museum visit with some jewelry shopping. During the same trip, one can also visit the nearby Innsbruck, capital of Tyrol with its many attractions.

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Innsbruck, Mayrhofen, Zillertal valley and the Austrian Alps


A day trip from Munich to the mountains in the Austrian province of Tyrol is interesting at any time of the year. One can see Innsbruck, the capital of Tyrol, as well as Mayrhofen, a picturesque Alpine town and ski resort. This trip is not only for sport enthusiasts, but also for history buffs and art lovers because there are outstanding museums in the former imperial palaces in Innsbruck.

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