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Blutenburg – A Small Hunting Castle in the West of Munich


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In time immemorial, in fact, in the Middle Ages, when the whole of Munich was within today’s Old Town, the then Bavarian ruler Duke Albrecht III built a hunting lodge a few miles from the town. Of course, noble dukes usually do not build just huts, even for hunting, so from the very beginning the building looked like a small, cozy castle. In the following centuries the castle was rebuilt many times and nowadays it is a lovely building located almost on the island between the river Würm and two small ponds. You can make an easy and pleasant trip to Blutenburg. It is a small castle, so you won’t be tired after the tour and, besides, it is free. The chapel, built in the late Gothic style, is certainly worth visiting. The interior of the chapel is really beautiful, especially the altar, decorated with a wonderful painting by an unknown artist. The castle also houses the International Youth Library; they say that it the largest of its kind in the world! So bibliophiles can dive into reading or just contemplating rare and valuable editions, once issued for children and youth in different parts of the world. Then, you can just relax in the castle surroundings. There are beautiful ponds and waterways with green lawns around the castle, where Munich residents and tourists sunbathe on warm spring and summer days. Stunning views on the castle and surroundings contribute to relaxed atmosphere and bring everyone in a good mood. Moreover, the local tavern, Schlossschänke, serve typical Bavarian dishes. So, one can have a tasty and inexpensive meal there. The tavern is open from 10 am to 10 pm. We definitely recommend trying it.
blutenburg_muenchen2 Getting there. One can combine a trip to the Blutenburg Castle with a visit to the Nymphenburg Palace. In fact, if it were not obstructed by greenery, it would be possible to see the castle from the palace. After crossing the Nymphenburg’s park and exiting from the back, one can walk to Blutenburg in 10-15 minutes. If you going to Blutenburg only, there are public transportation options. Take U-Bahn to the Moosach station and walk about fifteen minutes to the castle. If you are not very keen on walking, take S-Bahn to the Pasing station, from where the number 56 bus goes directly to the castle.


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