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What to see in and around Munich

Self-guided tours in the city and trips to the outlying sites

We offer some suggestions for self-guided trips to see Munich as well as other interesting sites in Bavaria. They are all based on our own experience. The walks in the city are designed to be a few hours’ duration, they are filled with sightseeing and, at the same time, not tiring for an averagely fit person. Out-of-town trips would last up to 8-10 hours and most are planned in such a way that one could return to the city in the evening and have enough time to finish the day in a pub or restaurant. We always use the U-Bahn (subway) within Munich. To the surrounding areas we usually travel by car. Train options are available; however, it is a matter of taste.

Bayern Munich and Allianz Arena – Germany’s Football Brands


Whatever name the fans call this beautiful game in their mother tongue – football, soccer, fußball, fútbol, calcio, or dozens of other names – they know at least two words in German, Bayern München. The question “How to get tickets for the Bayern Munich home games?“ is probably the most frequently asked by the visitors to the city.

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