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Munich Metro Public Transit

Munich subway underground metro plan

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Map of U-Bahn and S-Bahn lines

Public transportation in Munich operates from 4:00 am till 1:00 am
Single trip ticket (Einzelfahrkarte): €2.70
Short trip ticket (Kurzstrecke, 2 stops): €1.40
Day ticket for one person (Single-Tageskarte): €6.40
Day ticket for 2 to 5 people (Partner-Tageskarte): €12.20
*Tickets must be punched (once) at the entrance to the station.

The present article gives a brief general description of the two modes of public transportation in Munich most convenient for tourists – U-Bahn (subway, underground, metro) and S-Bahn (urban light rail, commuter train).

U-Bahn in Munich

underground railway munich

Logo of the Underground (U-Bahn) in Germany

U-Bahn in Munich was opened for the 1972 Munich Olympics. There are 7 lines and 100 stations. Almost all city districts have easy access to U-Bahn, and together with the S-Bahn, the rapid rail network covers also all suburbs. The U-Bahn lines are numbered U1 to U7, they cross the city in all directions with multiple transfer stations. Underground, cellular reception is good almost everywhere.




Rapid train S-Bahn

S-Bahn munich

Logo of S-Bahn in Germany

The network of U-Bahn lines is connected with the network of S-Bahn lines, so the two form an integrated system. The S-Bahn lines are numbered S1 to S8. Each line has its own direction in the suburbs and outlying areas; however in the city core, all the lines merge and have common stations. It provides the following benefit: The trains on each S-Bahn line operate at 20-minute intervals, so within the city you do not have to wait longer than 3 minutes for the next train on the merged section. S-Bahn is as comfortable and convenient for travel within the city as the U-Bahn.

Munich Airport can be reached by S1 and S8, it is the last station on both lines.

Tickets and prices

Tickets are valid for all types of public transportation: buses, trams, U-Bahn and S-Bahn. Fares depend on the tariff zones. The city of Munich without suburbs is zone one. A single-trip ticket (Einzelfahrkarte) costs €2.70. A ticket for a short trip (Kurzstrecke, 2 stops) costs €1.40. You can also buy a block of 10 tickets for €13.00. Then, at the entrance to the station, it is necessary to punch one strip for a short trip or two strips for a trip longer than 2 stops. So the savings are 5 or 10 cents per trip. If you are going to make several trips during the day, it is better to buy a day ticket (Single-Tageskarte) for €6,40. With a ticket for €12.20 called Partner-Tageskarte, up to 5 persons can ride together all day. Similar tickets for 3 days (3 Tage Karte) cost €16.00 (1 person) and €28.20 (2-5 persons). Munich residents also use weekly and monthly passes, their prices depend on the zones of travel. Tickets can be purchased at U-Bahn stations from vending machines and must be validated (punched) in special devices before going to the trains. Do not throw your tickets until the end of your trip, ticket inspections are frequent and the fine is €40.


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