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Munich Restaurants

Where shall we go for dinner – an Italian, French, or Bavarian restaurant? Where in Munich can one find the most delicious schweinshaxe and knödels? What beer is the best? We will give you some advice where to find the best Munich’s beer places as well as restaurants where you can have a romantic dinner for two or a meal with family and friends. Whether you are looking for haute cuisine or want to try delicious and inexpensive Bavarian dishes, there is something for everyone in Munich.

Bavarian cuisine

Munich is known worldwide for its traditional Bavarian cuisine. Many tourists have already been to Oktoberfest, probably the largest folk festival in the world. During this festival, you can taste the typical German dishes such as fried chicken, schweinshaxe, weisswurst and pretzels. Speaking of pretzels – have you ever tried a 50-cm-diameter pretzel? You can find those in Munich.

Many Bavarians often start the day with traditional national dishes. For example, on weekends the so-called “late breakfast” may consist of weisswurst, which is a Bavarian white bratwurst (grilled sausage) with mustard, pretzels and weissbier (“white” beer). Try it yourself, especially if you plan to spend the day in the city walking. Such a breakfast gives you energy for the whole day. If you want to take a break between the walks, it is best to sit in a beer garden and drink cool Munich beer; weather permitting, of course. In summer, Munich residents spend a lot of time in the bear gardens, and the atmosphere in some of them reminds of Oktoberfest. In the evenings, a lot of people sit in the beer cellars (Keller) and restaurants, where you can try delicious Bavarian specialties. Those who would like to taste the exquisite Bavarian cuisine may try Schuhbecks in den Südtiroler Stuben.

Gourmet restaurants in Munich

Munich is a paradise for foodies, offering a wide range of not only international, but also high-end Michelin-starred restaurants, where chefs prepare most delicious dishes. These high-end restaurants have special charm with cozy atmosphere and exclusive environment. For wine lovers, they usually offer a wide selection of fine brands, which will add a unique taste to the chosen dish. Since there are so many restaurants in Munich, we are presenting here only the best ones in our subjective opinion. Of course, we have tested and evaluated this selection ourselves. It is recommended to reserve tables in good restaurants in advance, especially on weekends. In our articles, you will find information regarding the address, telephone and opening hours.

Bon Appetite!