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Shopping in Munich and vicinity

Shopping in Munich has a number of advantages compared to many other German cities. First, one can choose from a large range of shopping options not only in the city but also in the surrounding areas. Second, shopping can be combined with sightseeing trips in Munich and nearby cities. And last but not least, one can sample the famous Bavarian cuisine and taste the best beers in the world!

Neuhauser Strasse and Kaufingerstrasse are considered the most popular shopping streets in Munich. Here you can find department stores, clothing stores, jewelry stores, electrical goods etc. These streets are in the pedestrian area, and buskers, i.e. musicians and other street performance give this area a special charm.

Besides the shopping streets, there are several large shopping malls. If the weather is not pleasant enough to walk from store to store along a street, you can do your shopping indoors. The compact layout and a wide selection of stores (each mall usually houses more than a hundred stores) may allow you to save time and money. Well, those who have plenty of both may leisurely walk down Maximilianstrasse where the luxury boutiques of famous brands are located.

Seasonal sales in Germany

Seasonal sales, which are held a few times a year, are very popular in Germany. The purpose of these sales is to make room for the goods for the upcoming season, so many shops are getting rid of the last season’s merchandise at a fairly low price. The main sales are the winter sales (Winterschlussverkauf) and the summer sales (Sommerschlussverkauf). They are comparable in uproar with Black Friday in the USA or Boxing Day in the UK and Canada. Winter sales usually begin in late January and summer sales – in late July. Many stores offer discounts of up to 50%, and sometimes even up to 70%. However, try not to fall for junk which sometimes produced intentionally for the sale time.

The customers who reside outside the EU can have the value-added tax (VAT, 14.5%) on purchases returned, though not right away. With every purchase, you need to ask the sales person for a special a VAT refund form. You will have to show this form along with receipts at the airport (see the corresponding section in the article about the Munich Airport).

Shopping Trip from Munich to the Ingolstadt Village Outlet

Ingolstadt Village Outlet

The Ingolstadt Village Designer Outlet is one of the best in Germany. Of course, there is no problem with shops in Munich; there is a choice for every taste, from department stores to chic boutiques. However, outlets have some advantages: first, the compactness of retail space with a large selection of brand-name stores, and second, significant discounts on brand-name merchandise.

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