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Ski Resorts of Ischgl and Kappl


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Ischgl – the Most Fashionable Ski Resort

Trip duration: 2 days
Driving one-way: 2 hours 45 minutes
What you need to know before you go: All occupants of the vehicle must have safety signal vests. It is also important not to forget the vignette for the toll highways in Austria. You can buy it at the border gas station.

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Do you want to cross a state border while skiing downhill? Then you need to come to the famous Tyrolean ski resort of Ischgl. Indeed, this place is located right on the border between Austria and Switzerland and, in principle, you can ski in both countries, though we find the Austrian side more interesting and comfortable.

Getting to Ischgl from Munich

Ischgl is located about 200 km (120 miles) south-west of Munich, but it took us more than two and a half hours to get there, which is rather slow by German standards. One has to drive mostly on the country roads (Landstrassen), where speed limits are much lower than on the autobahns. You will also probably need a GPS navigator. On the other hand, the road goes through a fantastic landscape with stunning views of the Alps. In my opinion, this mountain road gives even more thrills than a limitless autobahn.

Briefly about the place

This region of the Austrian and Swiss mountain resorts is called Silvretta, and the ski slopes here are known as Silvretta Arena. Immediately upon arrival, we were struck by the lively crowd of people moving in different directions: to the lifts, ski rentals, restaurants, shops. In short, sports and entertainment party was in full swing. No wonder the popularity of this place in the holiday season goes beyond any reasonable scale. There are plenty of opportunities for sports in Ischgl in addition to skiing, such as skating rinks, toboggan trails, tennis courts and more.


The network of chair lifts and cable cars in Ischgl, according to many, is the best in the Alps. Everything is thoroughly thought through, so one can move between the ski areas quickly and comfortably. However, the line to the ski lifts was still rather long, we first had to wait about half an hour. There are trails here for every skill level and taste: from blue to red and even black. Well, no slope here is as extreme as in Kitzbühel, but overall we had a really pleasant skiing experience in Ischgl.

This ski resort is the most expensive of all I have visited so far, but it is worth it. Night life here is in full swing, people are buzzing until the morning. Concerts of pop singers and bands, including quite famous, are frequent. Motley crowds come from all over the world to this resort. We stayed in Ischgl for two days and, in addition to skiing and entertainment, we managed to do a little shopping tour on the Swiss side. There are duty free shops with quality brand-name stuff in the adjacent Swiss resort called Samnaun. We enjoyed the entire resort area very much and did not want to leave. Well, it looks like two days are not enough for a full experience. Highly recommended.

Kappl – a Family Ski Resort

Trip duration: 2 days
Driving one-way: 2 hours 30 minutes

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One of the coolest ski resorts of Ischgl in Austria has a satellite town called Kappl. Actually, it is not even a town, but a Tyrolean village.

Briefly about the place

Kappl is located 20 kilometers (12 miles) closer to Munich than Ischgl. A picturesque alpine road takes you there in less than two and a half hours. Those who have been in Ischgl, immediately notice sharp contrasts with the more famous resort. Kappl is a quieter place and there are no queues at the ski lifts. By the way, the surrounding mountain peaks are also very high, about 3000 meters (1000 feet) and almost always well covered in snow. We came to this area in early January, but they say that there is no problem with snow throughout the season.


Skiing and après-ski in Kappl are a good alternative to Ischgl from the point of view of family vacations. Both places are in the same region with the Silvretta Arena slopes. There is a Silvretta ski pass for those who want to ski in both resorts. The trails in Kappl are safer and many of them are adapted to beginners and children. Of course, there are slopes for more experienced skiers as well, but still most slopes are rather gentle. Many tourists, both children and adults, come here to learn to ski, so there is plenty of work for ski instructors.

There is the Sunny Mountain amusement park for children in Kappl – skis and sleds in the winter, and a zoo and playgrounds in the summer. One can find quite a few small cafes with a typical range of Tyrolean specialties. The prices are very reasonable compared to Ischgl. Actually everything – accommodation, meals, ski lifts, etc. – are much cheaper in Kappl than in fashionable Kitzbühel or Ischgl. In short, Kappl is a place to go for families who love outdoor activities.


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