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Ski amadé near Salzburg – One of the Largest Ski Resorts in Europe

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Ski amadé, one of the largest ski resort in Europe, is located 70 km (40 mi) from Salzburg. It consists of 5 ski areas: Salzburger Sportwelt, Schladming Dachstein, Gastein, Großarltal and Hochkönig. The entire season would not be enough to ski on all the slopes in all these regions, so we decided to choose just one to start with. Our choice was the town of Flachau in the very center of Ski amadé. Flachau belongs to the Salzburger Sportwelt region. Friends of ours who had been to Ski amadé several times recommended this place to us. So, one winter weekend we headed to Flachau.

Trip duration: 2 days

Driving: 200 km (125 mi)  ~2 hours  one-way

What you need to know before you go: All occupants of the vehicle must have safety signal vests. It is also important not to forget the vignette for the toll highways in Austria. You can buy it at the border gas station.

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Getting to Flachau from Munich


One does not have to drive on country roads to get to Flachau from Munich. This ski resort is situated just off the freeway, so you can reach it quickly and without much problems. We left Munich in the morning around 9 am, took the 8th Autobahn and then turned onto Austrian number 10, which  brought us  directly to our destination. A reminder: Austrian freeways are toll roads, so do not forget to buy a vignette. It costs €8.50 for 10 days and can be purchased at any gas station before the Austrian border. In Flachau, we checked into the Scharfetthof hotel which is only 7 minutes walk to the chairlifts. By the way, the hotel is very nice and comfortable; it is decorated in the Austrian Bauernhof (“farmers home”) style.




ski amade 1 From the hotel we went straight to the Grießenkareck mountain. It offers stunning views of the Alps with a 360° panorama from the top. BTW it is possible to get down from the top from different sides of the mountain, so it is important to remember from where you got uphill. Flachau’s ski slopes are mostly of medium difficulty. They are particularly spacious and well maintained. Therefore, it is not very risky to try them. However, there is one exception – one trail stands out among all the others. It is called Hermann Maier Weltcupstrecke, named after the famous Austrian skier. I would advise skiing on it to experienced skiers only, those who are not afraid of speed. World Cup stages in alpine skiing and snowboarding are held on this slope. What I liked in Flachau is free and fast Wi-Fi on almost all the slopes. You can “broadcast“ live the beautiful surrounding landscape to your friends and family using Skype, FaceTime etc.?


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